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Android Question

Is there a way to generate the R.java file in Android Studio?

I have a saved Android project from long time ago and now I must to work on it.

I've created a New Project in Android Studio and I've imported all the Java and XML files inside it but the

file is missing.

I guess that it didn't save the original.
Can I recover it somehow or generate it?

Answer Source

R.java is quite different in Android Studio than it is in Eclipse. Since you say this is an old project, I'm assuming that it was originally from Eclipse. In Eclipse, R.java is included in the source tree. However, in Android Studio, it is hidden away. From another Stack Overflow answer:

1. build

This has all the complete output of the make process i.e. classes.dex, compiled classes and resources, etc.

In the Android Studio GUI, only a few folders are shown. The important part is that your R.java is found here under build/source/<flavor>/r/<build type(optional)>/<package>/R.java

You shouldn't need to manually interact with R.java at all. It can be re-generated from the source code. Thus, it is likely that you won't have any problems -- R.java will be auto-generated and all will be well. If it isn't, try a rebuild of the project.

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