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vim - execute range of lines as shell, output in same buffer

Let's say I'm in a buffer like this, on line 4, I want to run line 1 to 2 and have the output in the same buffer on line 4 (where cursor is):

echo "Testing"
echo "more testing"

# and here I want the output from running lines 1 to 2

...I know I can do
1,2w !sh
to run lines 1 and 2 and have the output shown in whatever that temporary buffer is. But, how do I get into my actual buffer for later editing?

(And the same thing to work with visual mode selected text, not just with line ranges given by numbers.)

Answer Source

You were using :w !... (:help :w_c), but you probably want :! (:help :!):

gg       - go to top
Vj       - select the two lines
y        - yank into a buffer
4gg      - go to 4th line
V        - select it
p        - paste over it
gv       - reselect the pasted range
:!sh<CR> - execute in shell and replace

or, trusting ex commands more,


NB: !sh is in most cases equivalent to !, as ! will call your default shell.

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