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What is the difference between required and ng-required?

What is the difference between

(form validation)?

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AngularJS form elements look for the required attribute to perform validation functions. ng-required allows you to set the required attibute depending on a boolean test (for instance, only require field B - say, a student number - if the field A has a certain value - if you selected "student" as a choice)

As an example, <input required> and <input ng-required="true"> are essentially the same thing

If you are wondering why this is this way, (and not just make <input required="true"> or <input required="false">), it is due to the limitations of HTML - the required attribute has no associated value - it's mere presence means (as per HTML standards) that the element is required - so angular needs a way to set/unset required value (required="false" would be invalid HTML)

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