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R Question

How do I write multiple CSV files from a list of data frames?

I have a list with two data frames. I want to loop thru the list and write a CSV for each data frame and name it after the data frame name.

myList <- list(diamonds, cars)
for(i in mylist){
write.csv(df, paste0(names(myList[i]),".csv"))

But this only outputs one CSV file names
with data from

How do I fix this so I have two CSVs named
with the correct data in each?

Answer Source

A few of things.

  1. myList doesn't have any names, so you aren't actually naming your files.
  2. Once you give myList names, you would do better to index along the names than along the list
  3. You use df in your for loop, but that isn't defined anywhere.

This should work (untested)

myList <- list(diamonds = diamonds, 
               cars = cars)
for(i in names(mylist)){
  write.csv(myList[[i]], paste0(i,".csv"))
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