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CSS Question

How do I hide an element based on partial HREF?

I am trying to hide some specific adds on my page based on their

property(using CSS). I scrolled through some of the answers which tells about hiding an element based on its
value. But, the element here is quite dynamic and keeps changing every time I load the page. Is there any way to hide an element/anchor based on its partial
value ?

Below is the HTML code that I am trying to hide.


<div id="union-ad" class="union-banner">
<a href="http://someURL?Dynamic_Id's">

This is what i have been trying so far.

<style type="text/css">
a[href='someURL']{ display: none }

Answer Source

Use a substring selector:

a[href^="http://someURL"] {
  display: none;
<a href="">You CAN see me.</a>
<a href="">You can't see me!</a>

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