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Aligning HTML List

I have a HTML list that is using background images in oppose to text as links. My container is 200px tall and I want the links to lie inline in the center of the container, if this were text I could use a line-height:200px; to achieve this however it seems a little different when using background images, any body have any idea how to achieve this method.

Here is a jsfiddle to explain what I mean

Thanks guys

<div id="container">
<ul class="container">
<li class="linkedin"><a href="#"></a><li>
<li class="twitter"><a href="#"></a><li>
<li class="facebook"><a href="#"></a><li>

Answer Source

Cleaned a bit up, is this the look you were going for?

Most of your a tag code can stay separate from each .facebook .linkedin class as well

#footer-right ul li a{
background-size:14px 14px;

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