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Objective-C Question

Arguments by reference in Objective-C

I'm trying to pass an

by reference but it doesn't work.

This is the function:

+(void)fileName:(NSString *) file
file = @"folder_b";

and this is the call:

NSString *file;

[function fileName:file];

nslog(@"%@",file); // and there is nothing in the string....

What I must do to pass my string by reference?

Answer Source

I believe you're looking for:

+ (void)fileName:(NSString **)file
  *file = @"folder_b";

What's really done here is we're working with a pointer to a pointer to an object. Check C (yup, just plain C) guides for "pointer dereference" for further info.

(...But as has been pointed out repeatedly, in this particular example, there's no reason to pass by reference at all: just return a value.)

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