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Import RDS file from github into R Windows

I am trying to import a RDS file into RStudio in Windows, I tried following this example, which is for Rdata, and I tried both methods:

Method 1:

githubURL <- ("")
BestMyyu <- readRDS(url(githubURL))

Method 2:

githubURL <- ("")
BestMyyu <- readRDS("best2.My.Lu2.rds")

I've looked for other threads and I have not found any other example

Answer Source

In 2nd method you just need to add method="curl" and also change the url to point to raw (Download link on the page)

githubURL <- ("")
download.file(githubURL,"best2.My.Lu2.rds", method="curl")
BestMyyu <- readRDS("best2.My.Lu2.rds")

If you don't have curl installed, you can get it from here

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