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Display images from firebase storage in html img tags

I'm attempting to display an image from firebase into html

tags, but it fails to retrieve the image.

Javascript code:

var storageRef =;
var spaceRef = storageRef.child('images/photo_1.png');
var path = spaceRef.fullPath;
var gsReference = storage.refFromURL('gs://')

storageRef.child('images/photo_1.png').getDownloadURL().then(function(url) {
var test = url;
}).catch(function(error) {


html code:

<img src="test" height="125" width="50"/>

Answer Source

Once you have the test variable, you need to set the image's src to it using a script.

Something like this:

//var storage    =;
//var storageRef = storage.ref();
//var spaceRef = storageRef.child('images/photo_1.png');
//storageRef.child('images/photo_1.png').getDownloadURL().then(function(url) {
//  var test = url;
//  add this line here:
//  document.querySelector('img').src = test;
//}).catch(function(error) {
var test = 'firebase_url';

document.querySelector('img').src = test;
<img height="125" width="50"/>

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