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Javascript Question

Remove the http://localhost prefix from the url

In my angular code

app.directive("myDom", function ($compile) {
var url = "\'https://examples.form.io/simple\'";
return {
link: function (scope, element) {
var template = '<formio src="' +url+ '"></formio><button>ClickMe</button>';
var linkFn = $compile(template);
var content = linkFn(scope);

my url in is displayed as


How do I remove the prefix http://localhost

Seen the answers for the below questions but it didn't helped

Why is my JS putting a prefix to my links (localhost:3000/mylink)?

Removing http:// prefix from ASP loaded URL

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Something else has to be going on because I just took your code and put it in a fiddle and its working fine: Fiddle. Something else has to be going on.

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