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Launch Failed. Binary not found. CDT on Eclipse Helios

I'm using Eclipse Helios on Ubuntu 10.04, and I'm trying to install CDT plugin on it. I download it from here here.

And then I go to Install New Software and select the zip file (I don't extract it, just select the zip file). And its ok, it installs, everything works fine, it shows optional features, blah blah blah.

And then I create a new HelloWorld project. And when I try to run it, it shows an error and says:

Launch failed. Binary not found.

Can anyone explain me how to fix it?


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You must build an object file before you can compile it. So if you don't “BUILD” your file, then it will not be able to link and load that object file, and hence it does not have the required binary numbers to execute.

So basically right click on the Project -> Build Project -> Run As Local C/C++ Application should do the trick

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