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Adding remote upstream to git repo on bit bucket

In case of GitHub, I added a remote named

to pull in latest changes to my forked repo using:

git remote add upstream git@github.com:<original_author_name>/<productname>.git

is displayed on my github dashborad, Once I forked the repo.

But in case of Bitbucket, I always see my forked repo location but not the original source from where I fork it from. Now how can I find the location of original repo which I could add as remote - upstream to pull in latest changes from original I forked?

Answer Source

If that information (the upstream repo address from which you have forked your own BitBucket Git repo) is really not available anywhere, try at list a pull request.

The pull request screen should display the candidate upstream repo name (that you can click to see its address).

BitBucket pull request

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