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jQuery Question

JQuery change text of paragraph which contains image

I have the following html

<p id="logo400_120_spinner"><img src="/global/img/spinner.gif"></p>

I use jquery to try to set the text to Loading or removing depending on circumstance but I am just getting the text and losing the spinner image. I would like the spinner to be present with text on the right hand side

Here is the jquery I use


The spinner image disappears with the above.

Answer Source

Use .html() to change the inner HTML instead of just the plaintext so you can use an img tag

To show:

 $("#logo400_120_spinner").html('<img src="/global/img/spinner.gif">Loading');

To get rid of the loading text:

$("#logo400_120_spinner").html('<img src="/global/img/spinner.gif">');

Another option is just to put the "Loading" text into a span and just show and hide that span with JQuery.