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C# Question

Issue with set up paragraph width in MigraDoc

How to set up paragraph width in MigraDoc? All what I imagine is create table and set the column width and then paragraph populate all width. But I need something like next:

var paragraph016 = section.AddParagraph();
paragraph016.Format.Borders.Bottom.Visible = true;
paragraph016.Format.WidowControl = true;
//here must be define paragraph width

Or maybe anybody know how can I draw line on the page, where I can setup width and position of my line?

Answer Source

You can set the width indirectly by specifying left and right indent. I don't know if this leads to the desired line, but it's worth a try.

A table will work.

An image would also work - best with a vector image (could be PDF), but a raster image with a single pixel in the desired color should also work.

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