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JSON Question

C# String Remove First 2 Object in a JSON.Stringify

I have an MVC controller that accepts a json stringify object that looks like this:


And I want to remove the first 2 objects using a string function available in c# to look like this:


How can I do this in the most simple way?

Answer Source

Using string-functions you could do following:

string s = "[{\"name\":\"Name\",\"value\":\"1\"}, {\"name\":\"Mobile\",\"value\":\"2\"}, {\"name\":\"Gender\",\"value\":\"Male\"}, {\"name\":\"Birthdate\",\"value\":\"2016-07-13\"}, {\"name\":\"Address\",\"value\":\"3\"}]";
string[] splitted = s.Split('{');
s = s.Replace("{" + splitted[1], "");
s = s.Replace("{" + splitted[2], "");


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