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How to debug Android 6.0 over Wi-Fi? (netcfg issue)

I am currently with a problem to debug Android 6.0 over Wi-Fi. I followed the steps of this answer, however when I try the command adb shell netcfg I receive "/system/bin/sh: netcfg: not found". In addition, even the graphical option ADB over network in Developers Options Menu has disappeared.

I also, tried this post of Android's Issue because netcfg seems to be deprecated, and I got: WFSO timed out.

It works fine before I updated to Android 6.0.

Does someone knows another command or way to debug over Wi-Fi?

Thanks in advance


adb shell ifconfig <interface name>
as the answer from Rilwan to find out the IP address of the device. Then use
adb connect <ipaddress>
to finally debug over Wi-Fi. The real problem was just the missing netcfg command.

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From your question, if you tried this over wifi means- adb shell netcfg I receive "/system/bin/sh: netcfg: not found", adb over wifi is working fine. Only problem is netcfg binary is not there in Android 6.0. If you have any other previous version android, you can pull netcfg binary and push to 6.0 device.

If you just want to know ipaddress you can use adb shell ifconfig <interface name>

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