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adb from Android Studio and terminal are not usable simultanously

I'm using Linux Mint and I have an annoying problem with my adb:

I can use adb either from Android Studio (Android Monitor) or in terminal, but not both at the same time. Even the Android Studio Terminal found no devices if Android Monitor in Android Studio was running.

The workaround is to exit Android Studio and type 'adb kill-server' in terminal. After that I can use adb in terminal, and when I'm ready with my custom commands I have to restart Android Studio.

I have activated Tools -> Android -> Enable ADB Integration.

Any ideas to use adb through terminal even when Android Studio is running?

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Make sure that you are using single instance of adb.

You are, most probably, using two instances of adb. With a single instance of adb, I can use it from external terminal, Android Studio terminal, and build/run projects from Android Studio simultaneously without restarting anything.

To verify if you are using single instance of adb run

$ which adb


$ type adb

from external terminal and one from Android Studio, and make sure they both are pointing to the same adb.

Hope this helps.

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