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PHP Question

Whats the best approach to get a whole month date?

I'm trying to make a website which gets some data from database and generate some statistics with this data.

The idea is to allow the user to pick a month and then only query data from that month. So, if the user picks January, query for data > 01/01/2011 and < 31/01/2011.

I thought about generating the starting data from the month and then add one month and subtract a day so I get the last day of the given month but I don't think that's the best approach and also don't know how to generate a full date from a given month.

Any ideas?

Answer Source

SQL centric way:

SELECT * FROM `foo` WHERE MONTH(`date`) = 3 AND YEAR(`date`) = 2011

Substitute the month and year numbers from your selection.

PHP centric way:

$month    = 3;
$year     = 2011;
$firstDay = "$year-$month-1";
$lastDay  = "$year-$month-" . date('t', strtotime($firstDay));

$query = "SELECT * FROM `foo`
          WHERE `date` >= '$firstDay'
            AND `date` <= '$lastDay'";
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