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Reference file on Android device that was placed via USB

I have an html file that I placed on my Android device via USB (Android File Transfer). Android file transfer doesn't show any paths, so I don't know what directory this file is being placed in. I downloaded a file manager app on the device by ZenUI that suggests the file is in "root/sdcard/theFile.html" but referencing it in an app using "file:///root/sdcard/theFile.html" does not work even if all the appropriate Manifest permissions are in place ("file not found").

I am using a Droid Turbo 2

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This is probably device-dependent. On my Nexus 6 is it


(if you placed your file in Downloads). If you have an SD-Card inside, maybe just trying emulated/1/... helps, or just download TotalCommander, navigate to the file and look up the properties of the file (Location:) will help you.

Hope that helps.

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