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Ajax Question

How to decrypt username and password which is encrypted by Kinvey

When i make GET ajax request from postmam, i recieve these things:

"username": "868e7a59-d76f-42e5-8500-b59a3efe262b",
"password": "a269ddce-69f2-4f16-94c1-038b2a1e1092"

The question is: How can y decrypt the username and password ?

Answer Source

Username: That is actually the real username. If you do not specify a username in your login or create request, then Kinvey will assign a random identifier. This is what you see. Can you share your SDK code for creating a user?

Password: One-way hash that you cannot decrypt.

Also: If you have a js framework, please do not use direct REST calls but intsead use our javascript SDK's (e.g. angular, html5, phonegap, etc.)

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