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How to combine bold and italic in CSS?

This W3Schools tutorial taught me how to use the CSS font-style property to make text bold (equivalent to

in old-fashioned HTML) as well as how to make text italic (equivalent to
in old-fashioned HTML).

However, I can't seem to find anywhere (and I've both Googled and tried things in the CSS) how to make text have both properties at the same time (equivalent to
in old-fashioned HTML).

Is there a way to do this using pure CSS?

I've tried this:

font-style: italic bold;

The result was that the page ignored both properties, and it was as though I never specified this property at all.

I got the same results when I tried this:

font-style: italic, bold;

On the other hand, I got a different result (but still not what I wanted) when I tried this:

font-style: italic; bold;

This time, what happened is that it used the first style given (italic) but ignored the second (bold).

I'm out of ideas to try -- and I really would prefer to be able to solve this problem with pure CSS. Is there a way to do this?

Answer Source

You were close.

italic is used for font-style whereas bold is used for font-weight.


font-weight: bold;
font-style: italic;
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