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Swift Question

Multiline NSAttributed String as UIButton Title

My question is similar in theory to this one: iOS NSAttributedString on UIButton

I am looking to make the title of my button read as:

"An underlined string

Some text"

This needs to be done in swift and 100% programmatically.

I am attempting to do this by creating the underlined section using an NSMutableAttributedString and then appending that to the other text (which leads with a newline character). However, that gives me the error "Cannot assign value of type 'Void' ('aka'()') to type 'NSMutableAttributedString"

Code below:

var patientName = NSMutableAttributedString(string:"Patient Name", attributes: underlineAttributes)
var clickforinfomessage = NSMutableAttributedString(string: "\nclick for patient info")
clickforinfomessage = clickforinfomessage.appendAttributedString(patientName)
startVisitButton.setAttributedTitle(clickforinfomessage, forState: .Normal)

Answer Source

Just set the number of line for the button's title label

let attrTet = NSMutableAttributedString(string: "Test is \ne next line.", attributes: nil)
testButton.titleLabel?.numberOfLines = 0
testButton.setTitle(attrTet.string, forState: .Normal)
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