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Add many objects types in the same column at TreeTable

I have a problem to add many objects types in the same column in TreeTable. The method to create the TreeNodes is in below:

TreeNode taskProject = new DefaultTreeNode("node",projet,root);
for (Tache ta : listTache) {
tache = ta;
TreeNode taskNode = new DefaultTreeNode("node", tache, taskProject);

for (Activite ac : listActivite) {
activite = ac;
Tache tac = ac.getTache();
if (tac.getId() != ta.getId()) {continue;}
TreeNode taskActivite = new DefaultTreeNode("node",activite,taskNode);
for (Phase ph : listPhases){
phase = ph;
Activite act = ph.getActivite();
if (act.getId() != ac.getId()) {continue;}
TreeNode taskPhase = new DefaultTreeNode("leaf",phase,taskActivite);

After that, I tried to call the The object in the Treetable and it's work, but don't work when I tried to add these objects in the column. The part of code is in below:

<p:treeTable id="treeTable" liveResize="true"
value="#{projetMediatorController.root}" var="projetMediator">
<f:facet name="header">
<h:outputText value="#{bundle.projet}" />

<!-- column for the task/activities/phases -->
<f:facet name="header">
<h:outputText value="#{}" />
<!-- problem -->
<h:outputText value="#{projetMediatorController.projet.nomProjet}" />
<!-- <h:outputText value="#{projetMediatorController.tache.nomTache}"/> -->
<!--<h:outputText value="#{projetMediatorController.activite.nomActivite}"/>-->
<!--<h:outputText value="#{projetMediatorController.phase.phase}"/>-->

And the problem is to list the objects names on the column "Name" respecting the hierarchy's nodes.

Someone know how can I do that ?

I'm glad for your attention.

Thank you!

Answer Source

I solve this my question with this code:

root = new DefaultTreeNode("root", null);
TreeNode projetNode = new DefaultTreeNode("node", new Document(projet), root);

        for (Tache ta : taches) {
            TreeNode tacheNode = new DefaultTreeNode("node", new Document(ta), projetNode);   
            for (Activite ac : activites) {
                Tache tache = ac.getTache();
                if (tache.getId() != ta.getId()) { continue;}
                TreeNode activiteNode = new DefaultTreeNode("node", new Document(ac), tacheNode);

                for (Phase ph : phases) {
                    Activite activite = ph.getActivite();
                    if (activite.getId() != ac.getId()) {continue;}
                    TreeNode phaseNode = new DefaultTreeNode("leaf", new Document(ph), activiteNode);

And I was write the Document constructor like this:

public class Document implements Serializable {

    private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

    private Projet projet;
    private Tache tache;
    private Activite activite;
    private Phase phase;
    private String nameProjet;

    public Document(Object obj) {
        if (obj instanceof Phase) {
            phase = (Phase)obj;
        }else if (obj instanceof Activite) {
            activite = (Activite)obj;
        }else if (obj instanceof Tache) {
            tache = (Tache)obj;
            projet = (Projet)obj;

//gets and sets

And to finish, the xhtml code to renderer each "objects" rows :

<p:treeTable id="treeTable" value="#{documentsController.root}"
                var="document" selection="#{documentsController.selectedNode}" selectionMode="single" resizableColumns="true">
                <f:facet name="header">
                    <h:outputText value="#{bundle.update} #{bundle.projet}" />

                    <f:facet name="header">
                        <h:outputText value="#{}" />
                        <p:outputLabel value="#{document.projet.nomProjet}" rendered="#{document.projet == null}"/>
                        <p:outputLabel value="#{document.tache.nomTache}" renderer="#{document.tache == null}" />
                        <p:outputLabel value="#{document.activite.nomActivite}" rendered="#{document.activite == null}"/>
                        <p:outputLabel value="#{document.phase.nomPhase}" rendered="#{document.phase == null}"/>

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