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"Alias" git authors/committers?

So I've managed to commit to a GitHub project as both

domenic <>
Domenic Denicola <>
. This is annoying, especially for generating summaries.

I know about how to change the authors/committers retroactively. However, this has lots of undesirable consequences for a project that is already pushed and public, e.g. changing all the hashes (and thus invalidating links to them people have made, or comments on them); losing the tags; and I'm afraid GitHub might even end up appending "committed 5 minutes ago by Domenic Denicola" to every single commit in the project. So that's not an option.

I was hoping there was some way to tell Git, "these two authors/committers are exactly the same person; count them as such." Is there?

Answer Source

Set up a .mailmap file in your repo. See git help shortlog for details, or check out the one for Git itself.

See Mapping authors section:

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