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Windows Phone 8 Emulator not launching. Error code 0x80131500

I have problem with Visual Studio 2012 (OS: Windows 8.1 Preview)

  1. Create empty project (Windows Phone App)

  2. Press F5 to start debugging.

And I get 0x80131500 error code, with no detailed description. Only this: Deployment of application to device failed.


1>------ Deploy started: Project: PhoneApp1, Configuration: Debug Any CPU ------
1>Deploying C:\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\PhoneApp1\PhoneApp1\Bin\Debu\PhoneApp2.xap...
1>Connecting to Emulator WVGA 512MB...
1>Deployment of application to device failed.

Has anyone encountered such a problem. How it can be solved?

Answer Source

Windows 8.1 Preview does not support the Windows Phone 8 sdk to run on the Visual Studio 2012. You cannot run Emulator as well so better you should use a stable Windows 8 version for WP8 development. This is the statement right from Microsoft Support

After you upgrade your OS to Windows 8.1 Preview, you cannot run Windows Phone 8 Software Development Kit (SDK) emulator (XDE.exe) in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012

Reference here

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