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How do I query using multiple conditions in IndexedDB?

I recently discovered (sadly) that WebSQL is no longer being supported for HTML5 and that IndexedDB will be replacing it instead.

I'm wondering if there is any way to query or search through the entries of an IndexedDB in a similar way to how I can use SQL to search for an entry satisfying multiple conditions.

I've seen that I can search through IndexedDB using one condition with the KeyRange. However, I can't seem to find any way to search two or more columns of data without grabbing all the data from the database and doing it with for loops.

I know this is a new feature that's barely implemented in the browsers, but I have a project that I'm starting and I'm researching the different ways I could do it.

Thank you!

Answer Source

Check out this answer to the same question. It is more detailed than the answer I give here. The keypath parameter to store.createIndex and IDBKeyRange methods can be an array. So, crude example:

// In onupgradeneeded
var store = db.createObjectStore('mystore');
store.createIndex('myindex', ['prop1','prop2'], {unique:false});

// In your query section
var transaction = db.transaction('mystore','readonly');
var store = transaction.objectStore('mystore');
var index = store.index('myindex');
// Select only those records where prop1=value1 and prop2=value2
var request = index.openCursor(IDBKeyRange.only([value1, value2]));
// Select the first matching record
var request = index.get(IDBKeyRange.only([value1, value2]));
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