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Problem starting cake bake in console

I've got a fresh install of the new build of cakephp (1.3) and the bake console does not seem to be working.

I got to the folder in the console and do the usual cake bake and it doesn't seem to be working.

This is the output from the console:

xxxx:console yyyy$ ./cake bake
-bash: ./cake: Permission denied

Has something changed in the new version of cake?


eaj eaj
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First, notice that you can't run the command ./cake from the root of your CakePHP installation directory--the item called "cake" there is a folder, and can't be executed. The console executable is located at [installdir]/cake/console/cake.

When using bake, you'll want to do it from your app folder. If you've done much work already, it might be wise to first back up the app folder. Then, from your CakePHP installation folder, do

cd app
../cake/console/cake bake

and you should be all set.

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