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Javascript Question

How can i call a function, whose name is dynamically created by combining some variables in node.js?

I have a constructor in Node.js

function Response() {
var numberOfArguments = arguments.length;
var getArguments = arguments;
var newConstructor = + i; // ie, (Constructor Name + numberOfArguments)

/* Here i want to call the constructor with the value in newConstructor and pass the arguments in getArguments*/
// ie, call function like Response0();
// Response1(getArguments[0]);

function Response0() {
//Constructor Body for Response0()

function Response1(sid) {
//Constructor Body for Response0()

Now my question is How can i call these functions Response0() or Response1() depending upon the number of arguments that come into the Response constructor .

Answer Source

I didn't tried this but maybe that's one way to go with:

Response0() {
     //Constructor Body for Response0()

Response1(sid) {
      //Constructor Body for Response0()
      //NOTE: sid will be an array of length 1

//here we create kind of a lookup table that binds constructors to a specific number of arguments
var dictionary = {
    0 : Response0,
    1 : Response1

Response() {
           var args =,
               numberOfArguments = args.length;

           if (dictionary.hasOwnProperty(numberOfArguments) {
               //here we call the constructor and give an array of the current args to work with
               new dictionary[numberOfArguments](args);
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