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PHP file download Path too long

So I have the problem that the url of my file is too long in my php script.

At the moment the Path of my file is:


But I want to shorten it so that its the path beginning from my website directory and it's a working url.


The code that creates that path is this:

echo "<td><a href=\"".$file->get_downloads_folder().'/'.$f["name"]."\" download > ".$f["name"]."</a></td>";

$file gets its value from this function:

public function get_downloads_folder()
$path = $this->config["outputFolder"];
if(strpos($path , "/") !== 0)
$path = dirname(__DIR__).'/' . $path;
return $path;

It's the code from the GitHub project Youtube-dl-WebUI(code here) (function here) but it's not working for me like this.

I've read that you can remove the parts of a string that you don't need, but I don't have clue how I can implement that, because I have never worked with php before.

Answer Source

There is a difference between path and URL. When you create the link you should use the short form for the URL, so basically:

echo "<td><a href=\"".$file->config["outputFolder"].'/'.$f["name"]."\" download > ".$f["name"]."</a></td>";

You may need to create a getter if config is private.

But internally you should still use the full path, which seems to be implemented correctly.

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