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Failed to connect to port 443: No route to host

I am getting error as Failed to connect to port 443: No route to host when i try to pull or push.
The same repositories are available to pull push outside our network.
What could be the problem as it was working properly.

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I got same issue.

I tried to update git by ppa, Reset .gitconfig,i checked github repo is getting clone but not bitbucket, i unset http and https proxy, restarted my network services(type in terminal - 'my network services'), changed the network that my laptop was connected. But none of this work for me.

i got fixed by adding below line to hosts(/etc/hosts) file

Another solutions i didn't tried are

using proxy for cloning git, Connecting to Bitbucket using ssh through proxy.

This solution will also work for the below error:

Failed to connect to port 443: Network is unreachable

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