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ASP.NET (C#) Question

deployed web application returns - 401 unauthorized

I deployed my web application created with visual studio 2010 to a remote server with IIS 6.0 windows 2003.

When trying to browse to the site, it returns the default heading and in the page body the error:

The Request Failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized

Now I am logged in as administrator and have set the permissions and directory security accordingly.

I tried checking both with and without anonymous access and on both occasions received same error.

It runs fine on my local development environment and the scope of the application is to view a report which it returns using report-viewer as the page loads.

Does anyone think this has to do with access to the report server which is a different server or local access to the site on the production / hosting server?

I use a different password for the hosting/ production server than I do for my development machine and reporting server but it should include anyone in the domain group I set.

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Almost definitely an NTFS filesystem security issue, you need to add IUSR_<your machine name> and ASPNET (ASP.NET Machine user account) with read and execute rights for the folder your site/application is in.

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