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Retrieve enum name as string

How can I retrieve the name of a enumeration as string? I know you can get the integral value, but this is not what I would like.

I searched the

but it didn't show any good samples.

I made a example class to proper show what I require.

Class test

Public Property PipeEndTreatment As PipeEndTreatmentEnum
Public Enum PipeEndTreatmentEnum
End Enum

Private Sub TestEnumNameValue()

PipeEndTreatment = PipeEndTreatmentEnum.SetOn

Dim StringValue As String
StringValue = "SetOn" ' This value needs to be generated from the PipeEndTreatment property

End Sub

End Class

Answer Source

Just use ToString(), e.g. PipeEndTreatmentEnum.SetOn.ToString().

Here's another way in case you like longer ways:

[Enum].GetName(PipeEndTreatmentEnum.SetOn.GetType(), PipeEndTreatmentEnum.SetOn)
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