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Javascript Question

How to set value for hidden field based on selected option in drop down?

I have my drop down created in JQuery where I read values and names from array. That part works fine, now I would like to set value for hidden field that I placed above my select tag. So each time I change my option I have to set different value for that hidden field. Here is my code:


<input type="hidden" id="userID" name="user" value=""/>
<select id="selUser" name="selUser">
<option value="">--Select Student--</option>


$( document ).ready(function() {
var userValues = [];

userValues.push({'idOne':"31",'idTwo':"Tom, Poitras",'idThree':"88"});
userValues.push({'idOne':"16",'idTwo':"All, Dirks",'idThree':"89"});
userValues.push({'idOne':"15",'idTwo':"John, Reed",'idThree':"50"});

for(var i=0; i < studValues.length; i++){
$('#selUser').append('<option value='+userValues[i].idOne+'>'+userValues[i].idTwo+'</option>');

How I can set hidden value(idThree in my array) after I pick the student in my drop down? Should I have another function for that or there is some another approach for this problem? If anyone can help please let me know.


I'd suggest using jQuery's .change() event.

Documentation here:

Something like $('#selUser').change(function() { // what you want to do here }); inside your document.ready() function would attach an anonymous event to the dropdown.