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Jquery acting strangely ? IE8

I am currently developing on my site After I have done the last modifications of today, I was checking the website from the diffrent browsers. As I entered the site with internet explorer 8, I noticed the buttons weren't loading correctly.

After refreshing the page, I the button worked normaly. Then I refreshed the page again, and the button was acting odd again.

I thought it would be an error with the way I initialize my objects with jQuery. But I cannot see the error with it.

It looks following:

function InitializeFactors() {
I have all my initialize mechanisms here. This is a very long source
However; I will show you an example from the source

autoOpen: false,
resizable: false,
modal: false,
show: 'highlight',
hide: 'highlight',
width: 200,
buttons: {
"OK": function() {


I suspect it is the $(document).ready that is working inproperly in IE8, but I am not sure? How could I fix this?

Thanks in advance, Rasmus!

Answer Source

My version of jQuery was at 1.8.1, after updating it to 1.8.2 it worked properly.
As suggested by Fabrício Matté in the comments on original post.

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