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Java Question

Can you have 2 completely independent instances of Eclipse running at the same time?

I'm sure there isn't really a way to do this, but figured it doesn't hurt to ask...

I use Eclipse a lot. I'm currently using it for both Java and Python (with PyDev). I often find that I have one project open, with lots of files, say in Java... And then for some reason I have to switch to a Python project for a bit. I want to leave my Java project the way it is, and I don't just want to open tons of Python files in the same place because then I have too much open at once and get a headache and confused. Is there any way I can just leave the Java project exactly the way it is, and sort of open a completely new session of Eclipse? (sort of the way you can do with a browser) Or is this just wishful thinking?

Answer Source

If you want two instances accessing two workspaces, just run a second copy of eclipse

If you want two windows accessing the same workspace, you can create a second window with Window -> New Window

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