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Distance between two places on earth in R

I am trying to calculate the distance between two points on earth using R.


geodDist(StoreLocations$latitude[c(26)], StoreLocations$longitude[c(26)],
CustomerLocations$latitude[c(5)], CustomerLocations$longitude[c(5)])

Putting in the Lat/Long in google maps (measure distance feature). I get total distance: 1.88 km (1.17 mi) but this is not what I am getting using the code above. I am struggling to find anyone who can assist me with this.

Store 51.68108210 -0.09732268
Customer 51.66665932 -0.08300349

Answer Source

From reading the geosphere documentation it looks like you've reversed the argument order. geoDist (or distGeo in the most recent version of the package, released June 15 2016) expects longitude first, then latitude. You seem to have latitude first.

df <- data.frame(long = c(-0.09732268, -0.08300349), lat = c(51.68108210, 51.66665932))

         long      lat
1 -0.09732268 51.68108
2 -0.08300349 51.66666

distGeo(df[1, ], df[2, ])

1885.795 (1.88 km)

You should also check to ensure that you are using the most current version of the package.

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