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Understanding behaviour of self with static variables

I am confused with the behaviour of self when it comes to dealing with static variables in python.From what I understand is that static variables can be accessed by either using

. However changing the value of that variable differs. I realized that if i change the static variable value by
the instance variable reflects that value however if I change the value of static variable using
the static variable does not change when access like
from what I understand is that when I assign a value like
then an instance variable is created. Can somebody please shed a little light on this behaviour.

Example 1:

class bean:
def test(self):
bean.mycar = "yup"
print(self.mycar) #prints yup

Example 2:

class bean:
def test(self):
self.mycar = "pup"
print(bean.mycar) #SomeCar

Answer Source

Both classes and instances can have attributes.

A class attribute is assigned to a class object. People sometimes call this a "static variable".

An instance attribute is assigned to an instance ("instance variable").

When an attribute of an object is read, a number of things happen (see Descriptor HowTo Guide), but the short version is:

  1. Try to read the attribute from the instance
  2. If that fails, try to read it from the class

When it is written, then there is no such mechanism. It is written where it is written ;)

See in example:

class A(object):

a = A()

print A.value  # fails - there is no "value" attribute
print a.value  # fails - there is no "value" attribute

A.value = 7

print A.value  # prints 7
print a.value  # also prints 7 - there is no attribute on instance, but there is on class

a.value = 11

print A.value  # prints 7
print a.value  # prints 11 - now there is an attribute on the instance

a2 = A()

print a2.value  # prints 7 - this instance has no "value", but the class has


BTW, the self argument (in the question) is an instance, just like a is here.

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