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Java Question

Change the storage-directory of javamelody

I need to monitor java application and I am using javamelody.

But the problem is, I have to get the data that javamelody has so I can show it in another screen. I know that javamelody store its rdd files in temp/javamelody directory, now I need to change the storage-directory to another path so I can get the data from that path.

Can it be done?

Thank You

Answer Source

Oh I think I've found the answer I just have to set command line or xml file in my tomcat like this

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<Context docBase="pathto\appname.war" path="javamelody" reloadable="false" >
        <Parameter name='' value='pathname' override='false'/>

Thank you for the help :D

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