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How can I set that a Spring Data JPA query method have to be a parameter value always set as true?

I am not so into Hibernate and Spring Data JPA and I have the following doubt.

I have this method signature that correctly perform a query:

public interface AccomodationMediaDAO extends JpaRepository<AccomodationMedia, Long> {

AccomodationMedia findByIdAccomodationAndIsMaster(Long accomodationId, boolean isMaster);


It finds (on the table mapped by the AccomodationMedia entity class) a single record having the field named idAccomodation setted with the Long value represented by the accomodationId method parameter and the field isMaster reppresented by the isMaster boolean.

It works fine but my "problem" is that doing in this way I have always to explicitly pass the value of the boolean isMaster parameter.

This parameter has to be always set as
, so I tried to change the previous method signature in this way:

AccomodationMedia findByIdAccomodationAndIsMaster(Long accomodationId, true);

but IntelliJ displays an error: Identifier or type expected.

Why? Can I set that the value of this parameter have to be explicitly set to the true boolean value?

Answer Source

As described in the reference documentation you can just use the IsTrue keyword:

AccomodationMedia findByIdAccomodationAndIsMasterIsTrue(Long accomodationId);
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