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PHP Question

How Create modules in yii framework

I can't create modules in yii.I have a parent directory with name

,it can run by these url

I have created a folder name
in protected folder of
directory. After that i have created the folder name
. Supplier folder includes the controller,views and components folders and also the file SupplierModule.php.

I had edited the main file in config folder. After that i run the project with localhost/yii/jobsite_orginal/supplier/site/register

(register is the action in the conroller site ie in the supplier module),but i dont get.Anybody help me?

My SupplierModule.php

class SupplierModule extends CWebModule
public $defaultController = 'Site';

My config/main.php


Answer Source

Remove PATH_FORMAT from urlManager settings and showScriptName = false then try this url

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