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Summing/multiplying dictionaries with same keys within dataframe columns

Given a dataframe with multiple columns of dictionaries, how can I sum and/or multiply the keys within the dataframes together to get one column

{"ab":1, "b":2, "c":3} {"ab":1, "b":3, "c":5}

So added together you get another column

{"ab":2, "b":5, "c":8}

Or multiplied together you get

{"ab":1, "b":6, "c":15}

I know if they were just columns of numbers I could use sum/etc., but whats the best way if they're columns of dictionaries? A lambda function?

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Naive approach:

Use json_normalize which can handle dict or list of dicts as data input really well:

from import json_normalize 
processed_df = json_normalize(df.T.to_dict('list'), 0)

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To find sum:

processed_df.sum()    # Append .to_dict() if you want to render it as a dictionary
ab    2
b     5
c     8
dtype: int64

To find product:    # Append .to_dict() if you want to render it as a dictionary 
ab     1
b      6
c     15
dtype: int64

It would be an overkill if the dataframe has too many columns/rows which could although be overcome by melting it into a long form having a single column header. But again, reshaping it back to align the matching rows and calculating would be too much of a deal.

More generalized approach:

Sample DF:

df = pd.DataFrame({'A': [{"ab":1, "b":2, "c":3}, {'b':4, 'c':5, 'ab':6}], 
                   'B': [{"ab":7, "b":8, "c":9}, {'b':10, 'c':11, 'ab':12}]})

enter image description here

Compute sum:


enter image description here

Compute product:


enter image description here

Assigning it back to a new column:

df['C'] = df.stack().apply(pd.Series).sum(level=0).to_dict('records')

enter image description here

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