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isValidFragment Android API 19

When I try my app with Android KitKat I have an error in PreferenceActivity.

Subclasses of PreferenceActivity must override isValidFragment(String) to verify that the Fragment class is valid! com.crbin1.labeltodo.ActivityPreference has not checked if fragment com.crbin1.labeltodo.StockPreferenceFragment is valid

In documentation I find the following explanation

protected boolean isValidFragment (String fragmentName)

Added in API level 19

Subclasses should override this method and verify that the given fragment is a valid type to be attached to this activity. The default implementation returns true for apps built for android:targetSdkVersion older than KITKAT. For later versions, it will throw an exception.

I don't find any example to resolve the problem.

Answer Source

Try this... this is how we check validity of fragment.

protected boolean isValidFragment(String fragmentName) {
  return StockPreferenceFragment.class.getName().equals(fragmentName);
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