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Why a value for an R object appears twice in a cbind output in R?

I was wondering how I could prevent the numeric value of object

in my R code below from being repeated (as it does now) in the second row of my
output and instead of that an
be inserted in the second row?

Here is my current

Df Sum Sq Mean Sq F value Pr(>F) eta
k 2 8.688793 4.3443964 5.47955 0.02038724 0.4773314
Residuals 12 9.514058 0.7928382 NA NA 0.4773314(This one is repetitive! I want `NA` here)

Here is my R code:

k = gl(3, 5, 15)
y = as.vector(unlist(mapply(FUN = rnorm, n = rep(5, 3), mean = c(4, 5, 6))))
a = anova(aov(y ~ k))
eta = a[, 2][1] / (a[, 2][1] + a[, 2][2])
cbind(a, eta)

Answer Source

Pretty sure eta value is being recycled. Try cbind(a, c(eta, NA))

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