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GetExitCodeProcess() throws first chance exception with Application Verifier

I use CreateProcess() to run an executable and call GetExitCodeProcess() at the end to get the exit code of the process. When I run it with application verifier I get a first chance exception. I've attached a picture of the log.enter image description here

Line number 1348 is line immediately after GetExitCodeProcess() call. I'm not very familiar with the log format so I'm asking is the exception thrown inside GetExitCodeProcess() in which case can I ignore it or am I doing something wrong in my code because it's pointing to the line after the call to GetExitCodeProcess()?

Edit: my code:

if (!CreateProcess(
NULL, // it will get the app name from the next argument
cString, // command line
TRUE, // don't inherit handles
NULL, // use environment of the calling process
NULL, // use same current drive and directory as the calling process
// If process failed return error

// Close handles the passed to the child process.

// Now read the std::out and std::err from child process and store them in strings to return
DWORD dwRead;
CHAR chBuf[4096];
memset(chBuf, 0, 4096);
BOOL bSuccess = FALSE;
UString out = "", err = "";
for (;;) {
bSuccess=ReadFile( hChildStd_OUT_Rd, chBuf, 4096, &dwRead, NULL);
if( ! bSuccess || dwRead == 0 )

UString s(chBuf, dwRead);
out += s;
dwRead = 0;
memset(chBuf, 0, 4096);
for (;;) {
bSuccess=ReadFile( hChildStd_ERR_Rd, chBuf, 4096, &dwRead, NULL);
if( ! bSuccess || dwRead == 0 )

UString s(chBuf, dwRead);

consoleOutput = out;
errorOutput = err;

// Wait for the process to finish. Wait shouldn't happen before reading from pipes because
// pipe writes happen only when someone is reading from them. For small amounts of data
// this would not be a problem because the Pipe Manager buffer will consume data so the
// write will succeed. But for large amounts of data, a reader must be present if not
// the writer will wait indefinitely.

// Close handles returned from Child process

// Close read handles of the pipe

// Get exit code for the process
DWORD exitStat = 0;

Answer Source

You are calling GetExitCodeProcess() after you have already closed the hProcess handle, so you are passing an invalid handle to it. You need to leave hProcess open until after you are completely done using it, which includes passing it to GetExitCodeProcess().

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