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Installing PHP YAML Extension with XAMPP on Windows

Hey folks I am currently doing some work on PhP that requires me to parse a YAML file by using the

function. I am still new to the language and all so when I tried using that function on my unmodified XAMPP server on Windows I got the error 'function not found'. After some research I found out that you are actually supposed to install extensions on your php installation to be able to use that function. this link details the installation process and I have read through it however I am confused in regards to the installation procedure. The above link states that there is not a DLL package available for download however a comment direct to this link where you can clearly see a DLL Package for YAML Parser. My question is if you could please walk me through how to go about this installation procedure on a Windows Machine using XAMPP.

Edit: this link might offer you more insight on this topic although I fail to understand how it all works :(

Edit2: I have tried to download the DLL given on the above link and add it to my php/ext folder and add an entry in php.ini
but when I try to test if my extension has been loaded by the following script, I get an error.

if (extension_loaded(yaml))
echo "yaml loaded :)";
echo "something is wrong :(";

Answer Source

With a bit of help from the readers I seem to have narrowed down the steps to accomplish this.

  1. Download the latest YAML DLL Package from this website.
  2. Unzip the files
  3. Move the php_yaml.dll file to xampp/php/ext folder
  4. Open your php.ini in xampp/php and add the line extension=php_yaml.dll, save and exit
  5. Now move the yaml.dll file from the zip folder contents and move it to the xampp/apache/bin folder
  6. Close and restart your XAMPP Servers
  7. Load a php script echo phpinfo();
  8. Search the string YAML on the page. If it says Enabled then your YAML Extension is working.

Enjoy :)

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