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Java Question

running a vbs file from java

I have a VBS file test.vbs in

and I want to run it from my Java program, so I tried this but with no luck:

public void test() throws InterruptedException {
Runtime rt = Runtime.getRuntime();
try {
Runtime.getRuntime().exec( "C:/work/selenium/chrome/test.vbs" );
catch( IOException e ) {

If I try to run some exe file with this method it runs well, but when I try to run a VBS file it says "not a valid win32 application".

Any idea how to run a VBS file from Java?

Answer Source

A vbs-Script isn't natively executable like a bat, cmd or exe-Program. You have to start the interpreter (vbs.exe?) and hand your script over as a parameter:

String script = "C:\\work\\selenium\\chrome\\test.vbs";
// search for real path:
String executable = "C:\\windows\\...\\vbs.exe"; 
String cmdArr [] = {executable, script};
Runtime.getRuntime ().exec (cmdArr);
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