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How do I form a good predicate delegate to Find() something in my List<T>?

After looking on MSDN, it's still unclear to me how I should form a proper predicate to use the Find() method in List using a member variable of T (where T is a class)

For example:

public class Car
public string Make;
public string Model;
public int Year;

{ // somewhere in my code
List<Car> carList = new List<Car>();
// ... code to add Cars ...

Car myCar = new Car();

// Find the first of each car made between 1980 and 2000
for (int x = 1980; x < 2000; x++)
myCar = carList.Find(byYear(x));
Console.Writeline(myCar.Make + myCar.Model);

What should my "byYear" predicate look like?

(The MSDN example only talks about a List of dinosaurs and only searches for an unchanging value "saurus" -- It doesn't show how to pass a value into the predicate...)

EDIT: I'm using VS2005/.NET2.0, so I don't think Lambda notation is available to me...

EDIT2: Removed "1999" in the example because I may want to "Find" programatically based on different values. Example changed to range of cars from 1980 to 2000 using for-do loop.

Answer Source

Ok, in .NET 2.0 you can use delegates, like so:

static Predicate<Car> ByYear(int year)
    return delegate(Car car)
        return car.Year == year;

static void Main(string[] args)
    // yeah, this bit is C# 3.0, but ignore it - it's just setting up the list.
    List<Car> list = new List<Car>
        new Car { Year = 1940 },
        new Car { Year = 1965 },
        new Car { Year = 1973 },
        new Car { Year = 1999 }
    var car99 = list.Find(ByYear(1999));
    var car65 = list.Find(ByYear(1965));

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