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TSQL updating/deleting from JunctionTable

I'm having difficulty figuring out the correct way to manage the following scenario.

I have 3 tables Categories, Listing, Junction

I'm using the Junction table for many-to-many relationships between my Categories & Listing tables, as any given record inside my Listing table can be assigned 1 or many Categories from the Categories table.

I've figured out how to INSERT correctly into both. Now my predicament is Updating.

If a user wants to Update their Listing to new categories then my code needs to delete any existing records in the JunctionTable and replace with new ones. How can I write a SQL statement that accomplishes that?

These are my two insert statements that fire when i'm adding a listing.

INSERT INTO BND_Listing_testing

select scope_identity()

I'm storing the Identity of the above query in a token [ScopedLID] for the following query

DECLARE @CatIDStr VARCHAR(100) = '[CatID]',@CatID VARCHAR(100) = ''

WHILE LEN(@CatIDStr) > 0

IF CHARINDEX(',',@CatIDStr) = 0
SET @CatID = @CatIDStr
SET @CatIDStr = ''

INSERT INTO BND_ListingJunction_testing (Junc_LID,Junc_CatID)
Values ('[ScopedLID]',@CatID)


Answer Source

Use a transaction. Within that transaction first delete all rows from the junction table for the specified listing, and second add new rows for the selected combinations of listing and category.

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