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Javascript Question

Codemirror - Use on multiple textareas?

Can codemirror be used on more than one textarea? I use many textareas that are generated dynamically.

<script type="text/javascript">
var editor = CodeMirror.fromTextArea('code', {
height: "dynamic",
parserfile: "parsecss.js",
stylesheet: "codemirror/css/csscolors.css",
path: "codemirror/js/"

I would prefer setting a class on the textarea to connect it to codemirror. Is it possible? The Another way of solving it would be to set multiple IDs. The code above sets the ID "code" to connect to codemirror.


You can actually make multiple calls to CodeMirror.fromTextArea to 'Codemirror-ify' multiple textareas.

If you want multiple textareas with the same options, wrap the Codemirror.fromTextArea call in a function, like:

function editor(id)
    CodeMirror.fromTextArea(id, {
        height: "350px",
        parserfile: "parsexml.js",
        stylesheet: "css/xmlcolors.css",
        path: "js/",
        continuousScanning: 500,
        lineNumbers: true

You can then apply it to your textareas like: