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Apache Configuration Question

Apache Server (xampp) doesn't run on Windows 10 (Port 80)

I have installed the Windows 10 Insider Program. Everything works, except Apache. When I try to start it, it says that port 80 is blocked. Is there a way to unblock it or tell Apache to use another port instead?

I was using Windows 7 before. I had trouble with port 80 with skype, but i have disabled it.

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I had the same problem on windows 10, IIS/10.0 was using port 80

To solve that:

  • find service "W3SVC"
  • disable it, or set it to "manual"

French name is: "Service de publication World Wide Web"

English name is: "World Wide Web Publishing Services" I think

german name is: "WWW-Publishingdienst" – thanks @fiffy

Polish name is: "Usługa publikowania w sieci WWW" - thanks @KrzysDan

Russian name is "Служба веб-публикаций" – thanks @Kreozot

Italian name is "Servizio Pubblicazione sul Web" – thanks @Claudio-Venturini

Español name is "Servicio de publicación World Wide Web" - thanks @Daniel-Santarriaga

Portuguese (Brazil) name is "Serviço de publicação da World Wide Web" - thanks @thiago-born

Alternatives :

Edit 07 oct 2015: For more details, see Matthew Stumphy's answer Apache Server (xampp) doesn't run on Windows 10 (Port 80)

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